Tuning advanced suspension technology requires the skill of a professional, especially since only the right combination can fully unlock your potential. Direct Suspension Services has the most comprehensive suspension services available.

We work on a full line of products including WP, KYB, Showa, Sachs, and many more. We have tested our specifications and settings extensively to create the safest and most dependent setups for motocross, offroad, endurocross, supermoto, and even snow biking. A re-valve will account for weight, riding style, and skill level to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe on your motorcycle.


Before you send in your suspension, be sure to contact us at 403-214-2850 or by email to schedule your service and arrange shipping. Make sure you fill out the Service Information Form and send it in with your suspension. Once your work is completed, we will call you to go over your invoice and arrange return shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional charges will apply for suspension that is delivered on the bike