Service / Repair

Direct Suspension Services offers a premium top-to-bottom tune-up and inspection of your suspension. Your suspension components are very advanced and require regular maintenance to ensure their optimum performance.

Fresh suspension will help to prevent excessive wear of components. We highly recommend that your forks and shock are sent in at the same time for service to keep consistency and balance on your bike. All parts are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and measured for wear when your suspension is in for service.

Direct Suspension Services Vacuum Bleeder

Before you send in your suspension, be sure to contact us at 403-214-2850 or by email to schedule your service and arrange shipping. Make sure you fill out the Service Information Form and send it in with your suspension. Once your work is completed, we will call you to go over your invoice and arrange return shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional charges will apply for suspension that is delivered on the bike

Service / Repair | Direct Suspension Services