1. We offer a free box and packing materials for your suspension to all of our customers, you simply pay for the shipping charges to get the box to you.

If you already have a box, we can email you a shipping label for a flat rate of $100. We charge an insurance fee to your invoice for $3000 worth of coverage on your suspension.

We recommend that you insure your suspension if you are not using our provided shipping label. 

2. Wrap, tape, and package your suspension with the provided packaging material. Be sure to fill up all of the empty spaces in the box so that none of the components can move! Include the Service Information Form inside the box.

3. Print and attach the provided shipping label and bring the box to any Purolator shipping location.


*Mark your forks and shock with your name

*If you have fork bleeders installed, please remove them and replace with the OEM screws. If you do not, they can leak during shipping

*We appreciate if Fork guards, axle pinch bolts, and holeshot devices are removed prior to shipping

*There will be a $50 charge added to your invoice for dirty suspension