"I had the bike out at Whispering Pines on Saturday and Sunday and I was blown away by the difference. The shock is amazing, I ran in opposite applications; 2nd gear gnarly single track to smashing through the sand pit whoops in 5th and it stuck to the ground like glue. Being setup for enduro, the high speed pass in the whoops made it sweat a little bit, but it held it's own just fine. The fork initially gave me some problems until I brought it down few psi, after that it tracked perfect and settled in corners like a good fork should, way better than stock.
The end result; I'm riding at speeds that I though were above my talent level with this setup. I wish I would have done this earlier."


“To have Direct Suspension invest the time to explain the process of their custom suspension services was fantastic. Knowing that the average guy received the same attention to detail that the Pros get was only re-enforced by the results on the trail. 

The initial stroke is super plush and firms up as the speed increases. Predictability of the fork and shock allowed me to ride safer and faster. As speed increased the compliance of fork was impressive and shock tracked dead straight.  The knowledge shared by the shop has given me a better understanding for tuning to the conditions. Can’t say enough good things and strongly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

-Mike Haberoth

“The thing I noticed most about the suspension was how smooth it was compared to my stock bike. This allowed me to ride quicker and more efficiently without tiring myself out."

-Dennis Humeny

"Recently had Ken from Blackfoot Direct perform a re-valve set up on my 2017 Beta RR Race. So far the set up is unreal! The first part of the stroke is so plush that un-weighting and weighting the bike is a breeze. As speed increases the progressiveness of the duel chamber valving and balance with the rear shock takes the uncertainty I previously experienced with my old set up as I hit roots and logs along the trail. The bike is so trackable now, just point the front tire where you want to go and the rear holds the line! Time to speed up and really see what this suspension can do now that I am not worried about the rear tire kicking out and sending me into the bush! This is the best upgrade you can do to a bike for safety and performance. Ken will also be at a lot of the races this year and has offered to tweak and fine tune at the venues! Can't ask for better support!" 

-Matt Mellin