WP AER 43 Cone Valve Forks

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    // Cone Valve technology combined with AER technology

    // Improved riding balance with higher bottoming resistance

    // Allows for customized setup and improved comfort throughout the stroke

    // Increased comfort when using more aggressive setups

    // All adjustments made externally

    // High-quality coating

    // AER technology saves up to one kilogram compared to conventional competition forks

    Technical Description

    // The WP AER 43 Cone Valve Forks is factory tuned and fully customizable suspension units. If required, various springs and settings are available through the WP Motorsports Distribution Network, allowing you to permanently optimize the set-up depending on the growth and weight of a person for example. The new WP AER 43 Cone Valve Forks, suitable for all KTM 85 SX Sportminicycles, has been specially developed to provide unprecedented damping performance for this high class, competitive category. Fully adjustable compression and rebound damping enables individual optimization for each biker and their style of riding. Well-spaced maintenance intervals guarantee consistent damping behavior throughout the season. The WP AER 43 Cone Valve Fork is factory pre-set to meet any challenge on the race track. If required alternative springs and settings are available at any WP Supplier.

    // Technical Data

    Inner tube - 43 mm

    // Adjustments

    Two-chamber AER system
    Compression Damping
    Rebound Damping

    Installation guide

    //  The AER 43 Cone Valve Fork replaces the original fork and fits into the original triple clamps. The AER 43 Cone Valve Fork can be fine-tuned by any WP Distributor to match the requirements for individual tracks. Additionally, a wide range of simple adjustments allows the rider to fully adjust the fork on both fork legs. AER 43 Cone Valve Fork is tested and designed to offer the highest performance level in combination with the WP 85 TRAX Shock Absorber.