WP Triple Clamps

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WP triple clamps are the ideal accessory for your Cone Valve fork. WP Pro Components offers a variety of triple clamps with different offsets and, for all users of second-hand factory material, 52 mm versions.


WP triple clamps are available for 48 mm KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles forks, as well as 52 mm Factory Racing forks:

  • 48 mm, standard offset
  • 52 mm, 20-22 mm offset
  • 52 mm, 22-24 mm offset

All WP triple clamps come in the exclusive WP Black Edition. The 52 mm versions are also available in orange.


  • Precise alignment of the fork tube
  • Offset adjustability with the X-CLAMP system
  • Special fork slot and clamping for precise fork operation
  • Steering-head bearing already mounted on the shaft tube
  • CNC-machined, including steering stem tube and lower steering head bearing
  • Stiffness of the steering stem perfectly tuned to the respective motorcycle model